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List Of Thesis With Publication Department Of Endocrinology

Sl.SessionName of StudentsSupervisorTitleStatus
1.January, 2006Dr. Quamrul Hassan
( MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinFine Needle Aspiration Cytological Diagnosis Of Thyroid Nodule Along With Its Clinical Correlation
2 January, 2008Dr. Md. Shah Emran(MD, Non-Residency)Prof. MA HasanatAutoimmunity In Nodular Goiter Published
3July, 2006Dr. Marufa Mustari (FCPS)Prof. MA HasanatAssociation Of Altered Thyroid Function And Prolactin Level In Polycystic Ovarian SyndromePublished
4January, 2009Dr. Sadiqa Tuqan (FCPS)Prof. MA HasanatStudy On Anti-Mullerian Hormone In Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)Published
5March, 2011Dr. Nusrat Sultana ( MD, Residency)Prof. MA HasanatDiagnostic Criteria Of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM): Comparison Between WHO And O’Sullivan CriteriaPublished
6March, 2011Dr. Sharmin Jahan ( MD, Residency)Prof. Md. FariduddinStudy On Persistence Of Glucose Intolerance In Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Patients During Post-Partum Follow-UpPublished
7January, 2008Dr. Farhana Akter ( MD, Non-Residency)Prof. Md. FariduddinThyroid Dysfunction And Anti-Thyroid Antibodies In Pregnant Women Attending Tertiary Care HospitalPublished
8January, 2008Dr. Md. Anowar Hossain (MD, Non-Residency) Prof. MA HasanatIodine Nutrition Status In Clinically Euthyroid Pregnant Women Attending In BSMMUPublished
9January, 2006Dr. Md. Ripon
(MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinUrinary Iodine Status Ijn Multinodular Goiter Attending In BSMMUNot Published
10January, 2006Dr. Kazi Ashraful Alam
(MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinIodine Nutrition Status In Simple Diffuse Goiter Attending In BSMMU Goiter Attending In BSMMUNot Published
11January, 2008Dr. Jobaida Naznin
(MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinIodine Nutrition Status In Exclusively Breastfeeding Mothers-A Pilot StudyPublished
12January, 2007Dr. Abu Jar Gaffar
(MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. MA HasanatUrinary Iodine Status In Graves Disease Attending BSMMUPublished
13March, 2010Dr. Murshed Ahmed KhanProf. MA HasanatThyroid Hormone Profile In Pregnant Women: Attending In A Tertiary Care Hospital Of BangladeshPublished
14March, 2010Dr. Jahagir AlamProf. Md. FariduddinPregnancy Outcome In Thyroid DisordersNot Published
15January, 2007Dr. ABM Kamrul Hasan
(MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinA Pilot Study To Assess Vitamin B-12 And Hba1c In Newly Diagnosed Patients With Type-2 Diabetes MellitusPublished
16January, 2006Dr. Md. Rafiquddin
(MD, Non-Residency)

Prof. MA Hasanat

Determination Of Anti-Thyroid Antibody Titer In Adult Patients With Subclinical Hypothyroidism: A Pilot Study Published
17January, 2009Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman
(MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. MA HasanatAssessment Of Iodine Status By Measuring Urinary Iodine Concentration In Patient With Subclinical Hypothyroidism Published
18January, 2007Dr. AKM Aminul Islam
(MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. MA HasanatComparison Of Clinical And Biochemical Outcome Between Antibody Positive And Antibody Negative Adult Patients With Hypothyroidism After 6 Weeks Replacement Therapy Published
19January, 2007Dr. Anjuman Ara Akhtar
(MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinRole Of Color Doppler Ultrasonography In Differentiation Of Patient With Graves’ Disease And Thyroiditis In Thyrotoxicosis Published
20March, 2011Dr. Mashfiqul Hasan
(MD, Residency)
Prof. MA HasanatAssociation Of Rs7903146 Polymorphism Of The TCF7L2 Gene With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus In Woman Attending Maternity Clinics: A Pilot StudyPublished
21March, 2011Dr. Md. Atiqur Rahman
(MD, Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinIodine Nutrition Status In School Going Children In Dhaka CityPublished
22March, 2011Dr. Debashish Kumar Ghose
(MD, Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinFerritin And Hba1c Level In Newly Diagnosed Diabetic, Pre-Diabetic Patients-A Cross-Sectional StudyPublished
23March, 2011Dr. Sandesh Panthi
(MD, Residency)
Prof. MA HasanatDiagnostic Criteria Of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM): Comparison Between The World Health Organization (WHO) And The American Diabetes Association (ADA) CriteriaPublished
24March, 2010Dr. Nazma Akhtar
(MD, Residency)
Prof. MA HasanatEffect Of Metformin On Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): A Double-Blind Placebo Controlled StudyPublished
25March, 2011Dr. Yasmin Aktar
(MD, Residency)
Prof. MA HasanatAdverse Pregnancy Outcome Of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) & Persistence Of Glucose Intolerance During Post-Partum Follow-UpPublished
26January, 2006Dr. Habibur Rahman
(MD, Non-Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinClinical And Biochemical Profile Of Newly Diagnosed Graves DiseasePublished
27March, 2011Dr Md. Abdul Halim Khan
(MD, Residency)
Prof. Md. FariduddinDetermination Of Serum Thyroglobulin Concentration In Simple Diffuse Goiter Patients With Known Iodine StatusNot Published
28March, 2011Dr. Bajarang Kumar Rauniyar
(MD, Residency)
Prof. MA HasanatChildhood Obesity And Overweight In Two Primary School Going Children Of Dhaka City: A Cross Sectional StudyPublished
29July, 2005Dr. Hurjahan Banu (FCPS)Prof. MA HasanatProstate Specific Antigen In Polycystic Ovary Syndrome-A Pilot StudyPublished
30March, 2012Dr. Rajiv Yadav
(MD, Residency)
Prof. MA HasanatOutcome Of Subclinical Hypothyroidism-Follow-Up For 6 Months: A Bangladesh Perspective Not Published
31January, 2009Dr. Moinul IslamProf. Md. FariduddinStatus Of S-Zinc In Newly Diagnosed DM Patients In A Tertiary Care HospitalNot Published
32March, 2012Dr. Md. Saifur RahmanProf. MA HasanatIslet Cell Autoimmunity In Under 30 Diabetic Patients In Bangladesh: A Pilot StudyNot Published
33March, 2012Dr. Md. Jahangir AlamProf. MA HasanatSerum Amylase & Lipase In Under 30 Diabetic Patients
And Their Correlation With Clinical Profile
Not Published
34March, 2012Dr. AH M Shadequl IslamProf. MA HasanatHLA DR3 & DR4 Antigens Among Under 30 Young Diabetics Of BangladeshNot Published
35March, 2010Dr. Mobarok HossenProf. MA HasanatAssessment Of Serum Insulin And C-Peptide In Under
30 Diabetic Patients: Correlation With Clinical Profile
Not Published
36January, 2008Dr. Tania SultanaProf. MA HasanatInsulin Resistance And Metabolic Syndrome Among Different
Phenotypes Of Woman With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
37March, 2013Dr. Md. Fazlul HoqueProf. Md. FariduddinS- Serum Ferritin Level In Pre-Diabetic PatientsNot Published
38March, 2013Dr. Ahamedul KabirProf. Md. FariduddinSerum Testosterone Level In Newly Detected DMNot Published
March, 2013Dr. Rakibul HasanProf. MA HasanatScreening & Diagnosis Of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus:
A Comparison Between World Health Organization, 2013
& Diabetes In Pregnancy Study Group Of India Criteria (WHO-2013 Vs DIPSI)
40March, 2013Dr. Nusrat ZarinProf. MA HasanatThyroid Function & Anti- Thyroid Antibody In GDM
Attending Tertiary Care Hospital- A Cross Sectional Study
Not Published
41March, 2013Dr. Mostofa Hasan RajibProf. Md. FariduddinSerum Zinc Level In Prediabetic Patients In Tertiary Care HospitalNot Published
42March, 2013Dr. Pratap Kumar RoyProf. MA HasanatFrequency Of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus In Rural Community Level- Screening By DIPSI Criteria (A Pilot Study)Not Published
43March, 2012Dr. Abu ShehabProf. MA HasanatSerum Zinc Level In Young Onset (Under 30 Years)DM And Its Relation With Glycemic StatusNot Published
44March, 2013Dr. Md. Omar FaruqueProf. Md. FariduddinLevel Of Thyroglobulin In Various Forms Of ThyrotoxicosisNot Published
45March, 2013Dr. Ashim Dhar Prof. MA HasanatThyroid Function Status In T2 DM PatientsNot Published
46March, 2012Dr. Binaya Bhattarai Prof. MA HasanatCardiovascular Risk Factors In Subclinical HypothyroidismNot Published
47March, 2013Dr. Naresh Parajuli Prof. MA HasanatCRP Level In T2 DMNot Published
48March, 2013Dr. Afroza Begum Prof. MA HasanatHigh Sensitivity CRP & Its Relationship With The Component Of Adolescent PCOS PatientsNot Published
49January, 2009Dr. Md. Atikur RahmanProf. MA HasanatSerum Magnesium Level In Newly Detected T-2 DM Patients & Its Relation With Glycemic StatusNot Published
50January, 2006Dr. Satyajit MallickProf. Md. FariduddinPeripheral Neuropathy In Patient With Newly Detected T2 DM Attending In Endocrine OPD Of BSMMUNot Published
51Dr. Abdul Hannan (FCPS)Prof. Md. FariduddinAutoimmunity In Hypothyroidism Among Patients Attending At Endocrinology OPD, BSMMUNot Published
52Jan 2009Dr. Mahmudul Hossain (Non Resident)Prof. M. A HasanatLipid Profile Of Patient Of GDMNot Published
53Jan 2008Dr. Md. Fakhrul Alam (Non Resident)Prof. M .A Hasanat Human Placental Lactogen, Prolactin And Insulin Indices In GDM- A Pilot StudyNot Published
54Jan 2009

Dr. Begum Morium Zamila (Non Resident)Prof. M. A HasanatMenstrual Irregularity As A Predictor Of Insulin Resistance In PCOS Patients Of Bangladesh. Not Published
55Jan, 2008

Dr. M A HannanProf. Md. FariduddinCardiometabolic Risk Factors Among Overweight And Obese Children Attending OPD In BSMMUPublished
56March, 2014Dr. Mohona ZamanProf. M. A HasanatLevels Of Hs-CRP And TNF-Alpha In GDMNot Published
57March, 2014

Dr. Sumon SimkhadaProf. M. A HasanatNephropathy In Young (Under 30) Diabetic Patients In BanglasdeshNot Published
58March, 2014Dr. Mohaiminul AbedinProf. Md. FariduddinCardiovascular Risk Factors In Newly Detected Adults Pre-Diabetes In BSMMUNot Published
59March, 2014Dr. Sukanti ShahProf. M. A HasanatRatio Of Total Testosterone To Dihydrotestosterone As A Biomarker For An Adverse Metabolic Phenotype In PCOSPublished
60March, 2013Dr. Samira MahjabeenProf. M. A HasanatProthrombin Time, Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time And Plasma Fibrinogen In Women With GDMNot Published
61March 2014Dr. Tahseen MahmodProf. M. A HasanatSerum Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Activity In Under 30 Year Old DM PatientsNot Published
62March 2012Dr. Imrul HasanProf. M. A HasanatTNF-Alpha And High Sensitivity CRP In Young Onset(Under 30)DNot Published
63March 2014Dr. Shradha ShresthaProf. M. A HasanatHomocysteine And Abnormal Glucose Tolerance In Women With History Of GDMPublished
64March 2014Dr. Indira RoyProf. M. A HasanatAdiponectin And Leptin Levels In Under 30 Diabetic PatientsNot Published
65March 2015Dr. Tania Tofail

Prof. M. A HasanatDetermination Of Insulin Secretory Capacity In GDM PatientsPublished
66March 2015Dr. Shazia Afrine Eva

Prof. M. A HasanatRelation Of Cardio-Metabolic Profile And Sonographic Appearance Of PCOS PatientsNot Published
67March 2015Dr. Ahmed HossainProf. M. A HasanatAssociation And Relation Between Adiponectin And Insulin In PCOSNot Published
68March, 2014Dr. Md. Firoj HossainProf. Md. FariduddinVitamin D Status Among Adults With Newly Detected Type-2 Diabetes MellitusPublished
69March 2015Dr. Shahed MorshedProf. Md. FariduddinVitamin D Status And Its Association With Insulin Resistance In Adult With Pre-DiabetesPublished
70March 2015Dr. Anil Yadav Prof. Md. FariduddinVitamin D Level In ACS PatientsNot Published
71March 2015Dr. Anil Shah Prof. Md. FariduddinVitamin D Level In Stroke PatientsNot Published
72March 2015Dr. Ibrahim Faisal Prof. Md. FariduddinVitamin D Status In Pre-Diabetic PatientsNot Published
73March 2015Dr. Md. Habibul GhaniProf. Md. FariduddinOutcome Of Vitamin-D Supplementation On Glycemic Status Of Pre- Diabetic PatientsNot Published
74March 2016Dr. Palash Chandra SutradharProf. Md. FariduddinAdiponectin In Childhood ObesityNot Published
75March 2016Dr. Sanjoy Kumar ShilProf. Md. FariduddinUse Of Fructosamine In The Assessement Of DMNot Published
76March 2016Dr. Susmita PaulProf. M. A HasanatGDMNot Published
77March 2016Dr. Choman Abdullah MohonaProf. M. A HasanatGDMNot Published
78March 2016Dr. Md ShayedatullahProf. M. A HasanatUnder 30 DMNot Published
79March 2016Dr. Emran Ur Rashid ChowdhuryProf. M. A HasanatPolycystic OvaryNot Published
80March 2016Dr. Iffat Ara JahanProf. M. A HasanatPolycystic OvaryNot Published