The journey of Endocrinology has started long ago when China Isolating sex and pituitary hormones from human urine and using them for treatment purposes. In SAARC countries. BIRDEM is the first institute of diabetes, endocrine and metabolic disorders which was established by Prof. Md. Ibrahim in 1980. In 1956, Prof. Ibrahim established the diabetic Association. BIRDEM academy started its journey in 1986. The leading endocrinologists of this country are glorious product of this academy.





Prof.MN Alam first established the thyroid clinic in 1991 in the then IPGMR for services and research. Basically this thyroid clinic served as the embryo of the present-day department of Endocrinology. In June 1999, an endocrinology wing was created by BSMMU authority. The MD course in Endocrinology and metabolism in BSMMU was started in 2006 under the guidance of Prof. Naseem Akther Chowdhury. Endocrinology emerged as an independent department under the leadership of Prof. Md. Fariduddin in 2012.





So far, 113 traniees have enrolled for the MD (EM) since 2006 in BSMMU: 80 of them have already qualified as MD (EM) including 3 Prime Minister Gold medals. Prof.MA Hasanat and Prof. Md. Fariduddin were awarded with research Gold medal by the university in two different Research days.

In 2000, Endocrinology department was established in 8 old medical colleges for the first time. Total 7 posts were created including 5 Associate Professor and 2 Assistant Professor by the government and total seven Endocrinologists joined various medical colleges for the first time. Subsequently it turned to a total of 38 by July 2008. Thousands of new patients are benefited through the dedicated services of the Endocrinologists placed at various medical colleges. At present, other private medical colleges and the clinics have also stated the Endocrine services. Mymenshingh medical college and DMC have also started the Endocrine academics recently. Endocrinology was a dark, neglected area of our profession. After a long struggle now we make the subject attractive and services oriented.